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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How the MSM really feels

Oh yes, my dear readers in the MSM... we know how you really feel. Please just stop pretending, and let the general public see the fact that you genuinely hate all things Conservative in this country.

Then maybe we'll get some balanced reporting for once.

This from SDA:
Richard Ball writes from Charlottetown;

Like all meetings of its kind, last night's Conservative Party meeting on the Charlottetown waterfront began with the singing of the national anthem. The national anthem is not a Liberal anthem or a Conservative anthem, it is the anthem of Canada, for all Canadians.

Everyone in the room rose and sang, with one apparent exception: the Canadian media.

I didn't notice this directly as I was busy singing, but we were seated right beside the media area, and the person next to me did notice and told me about it afterwards, saying she felt like asking them if they didn't know the words.

I had noticed something. When the national anthem was announced, one of the young women in the media group broke into the first line of the American national anthem. At the time I dismissed this as a juvenile attempt at being clever, but, given the media's left-wing bias and working assumption that Stephen Harper is a puppet of E. A. (Evil American) George Bush, I suspect she was making an in-joke for her media brothers and sisters that she knew would be well received.

In defense of the media, I suppose they consider themselves "not there" as participants in the event; they are there as outsiders, as objective observers. But if that is so, the fact that one of them broke the media oath of silence and sang the American anthem when the Canadian national anthem was announced is a stain on their claims to journalistic integrity.

Or, maybe they just can't sing.
I'm with SDA... I'd love to know who the joker was.

UPDATE: Thanks to reader "KC" who tracked down the original post



  • At Tue. Aug. 07, 11:03:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Paranoia - hmmmm. If you don't like what they say - they're Liberal bias.

    Every newpaper in Canada with the exception of the Toronto Star and sometimes Globe and Mail and conservative - you do the math.

  • At Tue. Aug. 07, 11:22:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Sandy said…

    Anonymous -- even paranoids have enemies. Easy to hide behind a no-name. If you don't see it as a problem that a member of the Canadian media started singing the Star Spangled Banner when the rest of the room is singing O Canada, you've got a real respect and patriotism problem.

    I'm with you CC. We need to expose who the attention seeker was -- totally unacceptable. Let see him or her defend their actions to the Canadian people.

    And, I would make the same demand if the shoe were on the other foot.

  • At Tue. Aug. 07, 11:47:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Jeff Davidson said…

    excuse me. how is kate's 2nd hand report from richard ball fair and balanced?

    who is richard ball? there's no link to provide background, just kate's retelling of an unknown person's account of the event.

    nevermind about the journalist who reportedly sang a line of the yank anthem... who is richard ball?

  • At Tue. Aug. 07, 11:58:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Kitchener Conservative said…

  • At Tue. Aug. 07, 12:27:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous john said…

    Anon 1 "If you don't like what they say ... "

    Typical Liberal/MSM response: When you recieve an example of MSM liberal bias - make a smart-assed remark and deny bias -(also make no attempt to respond to the ACTUAL details of the example).

    NOTE - The only people who DENY MSM liberal bias are members of the MSM and liberals.

    Journalists are manipulative scumbags who only report that which they hope will shift public opinion to a viewpoint that *THEY* consider desirable.

    Case in point - One would think that with the many accusations of liberal MSM bias that such bias would be a news story in itself. But *THAT* in itself never seems to make it as a story.

  • At Tue. Aug. 07, 01:49:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Brian in Calgary said…

    nevermind about the journalist who reportedly sang a line of the yank anthem...

    Actually, Jeff, I for one would be quite interested in hearing your thoughts about that very thing. Are you okay with it? Did the journalist do a stupid thing? Is your attitude one of "Who gives a flying leap?" Please comment.

  • At Tue. Aug. 07, 02:48:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The level of rightwing nutbar indignancy is exponentially proportional to the number of degrees of seperation between the original event and the final anecdote that they respond to.

    Same with the story about the 'brave soldier getting unjustly attacked at a bar' - it turned out that he was not as saintly as everyone took it upon themselves to assume.

    I've got a story that'll really upset you guys: my unborn baby who's in Afghanistan right now fighting with the Van Doos had to wait, like, 2 years in a hospital waiting room with cancer of the liver while a group of Liberal-party-sponsored public health nurses took part in a gay wedding - and no one bothered to say God Bless Canada!!!!! OMFG!!!!

    Face it - Harper and Bush are ideological mates. The man even admitted as much in speeches.

    Oh, and forget about insinuating what my take on this particular retarded anecdote is, because I've not offered it.

  • At Tue. Aug. 07, 02:56:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Imagine that - questioning one's patriotism - this is "so American" no wonder, if it's true, that sang a line of the "American" anthem in honour of Canada's new American government.

    Paranoia seems to be what is required to be a CPC supporter.


  • At Tue. Aug. 07, 03:11:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    $50. wager says that the above posters are pissed off journalists who are all in a snit because someone **DARED** to question the integrity of our "pure-as-the-driven-snow" MSM.

    Don't like being criticized assholes? Tough. (Dish it out ...ect.)

    I supposed on the plus side, our economy must be doing good when shits as untalented and unskilled as yourselves can get jobs, (even if they're useless jobs).

  • At Tue. Aug. 07, 10:55:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Dirk said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At Tue. Aug. 07, 10:56:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Dirk said…

    I'm not a Conservative or a right-leaning person, but you don't see me jumping up and down every time the Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, the National Post, or any of the Sun newspapers publish a news story with a blatant anti-left/centre bias. Show me any issue of any of those papers, and I'll show you the bias. The funny thing here is that if I bothered looking it up, I could find even more right-leaning papers.

    To be clear, I'm not complaining about this bias, I'm just saying it's there. Since we also have centre/left leaning media outlets, it follows that a number of reporters/columnists have a centre/left bias.

    Why is this such a big deal to you conservatives?

  • At Wed. Aug. 08, 09:28:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Dirk, it's a big deal because the majority of the major MSM sources in this country are centre/left, and never seems to give our party a fair shake.

    CTV, CBC, G&M, TorStar... they control the media in Ontario... it would be nice if they didn't spin EVERY story about the Conservatives with a negative light. I'm not saying that they don't report negative things about the Liberals, but when they report about us, it's ALWAYS in the negative... and stories about internal party stuff that would be no big deal were it the Liberals become leading stories in these outlets.

    I'm almost willing to bet money (not that much, mind you) that the joker in PEI who sang the US anthem was with one of those outlets... the CBC, or CTV/G&M.


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